What to do when a loved one is abused in a nursing home

Growing old is not a choice but a must. Statistics show that the number of elderly people especially in the developed countries is on the rise. This is attributable to higher life expectancy, improved medical attention and low levels of fertility. Consequently, nursing homes have become greatly important in handling the huge numbers of the elderly people. While some may be lucky to receive the attention they require, it is not uncommon to hear of nursing home & elder abuse. In fact, the CDC (Center for Diseases Control) revealed that the United States reports more than half a million of elderly abuse cases every year with some cases going unnoticed and therefore they never get reported.  Hence, the number of such cases is definitely higher each year. Now, what options are available for a family in realizing that their loved one is experiencing mistreatment in a nursing home?

nursing home & elder abuse

Making a claim for nursing home abuse

What most people do not know is that they have the right to claim compensation when their loved ones face nursing home & elder abuse. The law provides that one can make a claim as long as there is evidence of the wrong acts done to the elderly. Therefore, it is important to gather as much evidence when making such claims. You may need to engage a lawyer who understands the nursing home laws to increase your winning chances. There are many Nashville nursing home abuse lawyers but you need to do enough research to be able to choose the best one. A good Nashville trial attorney needs to have enough experience, be reputable and be well versed with the law.

How then do you gather the evidence?

There are different ways you can obtain evidence for a nursing home & elder abuse claim. First, you will need to pay attention to your loved one who is at the facility. These persons will be able to tell whether they are being mistreated. Even if they do not say it, you can tell by monitoring their performance. A person who is being mistreated can show physical signs including swellings, neglected appearance, and poor hygiene or even have poor moods. Another thing is to get in touch with other families who use the same facility and confirm whether they have the same complaints. Additionally, you can talk to the staff at the facility and record any evidence in the course of your conversation. Moreover, you can take pictures where possible especially if your loved one has some physical signs such as bruises and injuries.

When claiming for a motorcycle accident

This time it is not a nursing home abuse but a motor accident. Car accidents are quite common and the injured party has the right to seek compensation as long as there was negligence from the other party that caused the accident. Identifying a good Nashville motorcycle accident law firm can make it easier to obtain compensation for such a claim. However, enough evidence must be available including evidence by any witnesses at the scene, photos of the accident and police reports as well as medical reports. Well, they say that a lawyer can make or break the case. So, choose wisely!

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