Top 3 Warning Signs of Abuse in a Nursing Home

When our loved ones and elders get older, they would need more attention than usual. This is especially true for those who are under medication or experiencing troubles with their health. They need someone who can tend to all of their needs all day long. That is why we choose what is best for them by sending them to retirement places and nursing homes. However, unfortunate events could happen to them while they are there and physical abuse is not an exemption. In that case, you would need to consult with nursing home abuse lawyers for possible legal actions you can take.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Here are 3 major signs that should call your attention.

Unexplained Injuries in Any Form

While there is no way to prevent emergency situations, the nursing home can still be liable when their resident suddenly gets injured for unknown causes. It is their responsibility to look after the patient. If you notice that your elder suddenly has cuts, bruises, or broken bones without a credible story, you should start asking people around on what actually had happened. Physical distraught is one of the first signs for residents experiencing abuse.  Furthermore, if the attendant is proven negligent of the patient, you can actually file for a cause with the right nursing home abuse lawyers to work with you.

Weight Loss and Change in Disposition

Sudden changes in the behaviour of your relatives can raise red flags with the care system of their nursing homes too. It is their duty to make sure that the residents are healthy to avoid worsening any medical conditions. Watch out for this sign before the abuse gets worse. Moreover, this can be your grounds for getting a claim on the court. And just like how you calculate a car accident claim, you also would need to have proper calculations on how much the nursing would pay you for the problem they have caused.

Unexplained and Sudden Death

The worst and most obvious sign of abuse is the unexplained death of your loved one inside the nursing home. While it can be possible for them to pass away due to natural causes, you can’t also get rid the possibility of abuse. You can opt to have this investigated with an official case filed on court when you can find reasonable cause. With this step you will take, you would need reliable nursing home abuse lawyers and wrongful death lawyers to fight for you until justice has been served. Some law firms like Cummings Manookian can help you all throughout the tedious legal battle. Look for someone who has more than just an auto accident claim calculator to defend you of your case in court.

There are still other signs of abuse that are present to residents of a nursing home that have experienced it. You just have to keep your eyes open and be more vigilant to instances such as this. Protect your loved one by preventing any case of abuse from the nursing home where they should be safe.

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