Legal Options After a Construction Accident

Although there exist safety procedures and programs with inspections being carried out to prevent accidents at construction sites, construction work is very dangerous and accidents seem inevitable. Various hazards are commonly known to cause construction accidents among them being electrocution, being hit by falling materials, inhaling poisonous chemicals and gas, as well as injuries from some risky equipment.  These accidents may occur to both the workers and the non-workers. Every party involved in a construction accident has the right to make a compensation claim. The two legal options in such a case include making a personal injury claim or filing a workers’ compensation claim. However, the procedure of making a claim is sometimes complex and one may need to engage a construction lawyer for proper representation. Are you looking for a construction attorney? If yes, you can visit where you can find some of the best lawyers you could engage to make your claim successful.

A Workers’ compensation versus personal injury claim

It is important to understand what claim is appropriate to file when you get involved in a construction accident. An experienced accident lawyer will be able to advise appropriately on the best legal action to take. Workers’ compensation law provides that an employee is entitled to compensation for injuries sustained in an accident whether the employer acted negligently or not. The employee must receive these benefits regardless of who caused the accident.

The employee will receive compensation for medical expenses, any disability whether permanent or temporary as well as compensation for vocational rehabilitation.  However, the worker receives less compensation compared to a personal injury claim. Workers’ compensation only covers claims of the employee to his or her direct employer and serves to minimize the expenses of costly lawsuits for the employer. There are times when one may have to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of equipment when this equipment is faulty leading to accidents. In such a case, workers’ compensation will not apply hence one will be required to file a personal injury claim.

Therefore, worker’s compensation does not apply where a third party was the cause of the accident.   Again, a competent attorney like those found at could make a difference for a personal injury claim by providing excellent representation.

Making a scaffolding accident claim

Constructors are at risk of falls because they often work at highly elevated areas. However, the scaffold law related protects them to ensure that they obtain compensation when injuries are sustained in scaffolding accidents.  For a scaffolding accident claim to be successful, the plaintiff must prove that there was negligence from the person responsible for his or her safety. Well, this may not be an easy task but a qualified accident lawyer who has the right and sufficient information on scaffold accidents will help argue out the case in a competent manner to guarantee the plaintiff some compensation. The lawyers at have helped many aggrieved parties obtain compensation successfully, hence you could consider engaging them if you have a claim to make.

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