Installing cables is no more a laborious job

Yes, be it your home or office, you are surrounded by cables. But normally you will not give any thought to it. The electricity that lights your home, office, parks, street lights are all connected by cables which is popularly called wires. The cables may be running overhead or underground. In the buildings, the cables are concealed in the wall. Cables are reasonably hard and you will have to literally pull the cable. This is a tedious job and therefore, electrical engineers use suitable cable pulling equipment for installing the cables. In fact, in Australia, you can even hire the cable pullers at an affordable rental.


Types of cables:


As a matter of fact, wires are independent of the cables. Further, when two or more wires are twisted or insulated and run through a single assembly then it is called a cable. There are varieties of cables like the electrical cables, optical fiber cables and television cables and so on. The strength and hardness of the cable depend on the metal used in the making of the wire and thickness of the wire that runs through the cable. Among all the types of cable laying jobs, running the cable underground is considered to be a critical task. However, the cable pulling equipment makes it easier to pull the cable and without any tedious labor.


Added utilities of cable pulling equipment:


The utility of cable pulling equipment is not limited to installing the cable, it can also be effectively used for removing the existing cables from the sheaves, conduits and so on. In addition to this, it can also be effectively used as a string while laying an overhead distribution line.


Different models of cable pullers:


The Australia cable pulling equipment is available in different models like diesel, hydraulic and electrically powered. Further, the cable pullers are portable equipment and they are normally hoisted on a truck. The type of cable to be pulled and topography of the land decides the type of cable puller to be employed for a given job.


Skirt around the obstruction:


Normally, while laying cables underground, you will encounter some or the other problems. For example, while laying the underground cable you may come across a rock or a water supply line on the cabling route. The modern cable pulling equipment in Australia are so designed that the cable puller allows you to skirt around the obstructions without the need for changing the cabling route. Further, apart from laying the cables, these machines can also be used for burying pipes through which you can run the cable. The depth at which the pipe and the cable can be laid is unique to the cable puller machine.


Evaluate the tension:


The pulling tension will increase as you unreel the cable. The more you unreel, the higher will be the tension. Therefore, modern cable pullers are provided with a tension measuring device which helps in appropriately adjusting the pulling force. Naturally, this will enhance the efficiency of the cable pulling equipment. Further, before you start laying the cable, it should undergo thorough inspection for any damages.


Cable puller with versatile features:


The efficiency of laying the cable largely depends on the quality of cable puller. Therefore, you should buy cable pulling equipment from reputed manufacturers and dealers like the TEN The Energy Network. Such manufacturers sell cable pullers having several versatile features.

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