A Guide to Personal Injury Legalities in Nevada

In the recent years following 2013, injuries related to auto accidents have been prevalent in Las Vegas, Nevada. The State of Nevada Office of Traffic Safety additionally reports that 1,189 major injuries were also traced back to motor vehicle collisions. With these cases, a personal injury attorney can lead the aggravated and provide justice to whoever needs it.

How do you define personal injury?

In legal terms, personal injury describes any injury (broken leg, arms, concussions, or twisted neck) of an individual due to their own doing or others’ carelessness or malicious intent. A personal injury attorney provides legal representation and advice, among other crucial services, to those who suffer personal injury. To a victim, acquainting with a personal injury attorney is highly crucial compared to a non-specialising lawyer as the former is more experienced with the set of laws, legal practices, and concerns regarding personal injuries.

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Personal injury legalities in Nevada

The most usual complaints about personal injury in Nevada are those acquired from vehicle collisions, falling and slipping incidents, assault, machine or product-related accidents, and accidents during festivals. Like any other state, the law imposes a deadline that mandates the assaulted to file a case against the alleged assailant within a specific time period. In Nevada, a personal injury case must be filed within two years after the exact day when the incident happened. This is known as a statute of limitations.

Compared to Washington, D.C.’s three-year limit, complainants must contact an injury attorney Las Vegas has today to process the case immediately. If the assaulted can’t file within this time period, then they can’t press charges anymore. Besides that, you must also contact an injury attorney Henderson NV has these days, for instance, to brief you further about damages and special rules.

Furthermore, if you’re a victim, you have to spend some time collecting the following information in order to file a case:

  • Personal details of the alleged assailant
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • License plate
    • Driver license number
  • Business card of the police officer who was present during the scene
  • Personal details of the witness
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
  • Pictures of your:
    • Injury
    • Vehicle damage

Modified comparative fault law

This is a special rule that is about the shared fault and the damages of the injured person. It’s intended to minimize the compensation that the injured person can demand or get, which most of the time depends on the situation. This rule is exemplified by an auto accident: if a person gets struck by a vehicle, the injured will be investigated if they broke a traffic law which may be walking on the crosswalk despite the green light. The court may have to divide your damages between you and the driver. If you want the alleged assailant to go home empty-handed, you must hire a competent auto accident attorney Henderson NV has today.

Remember that you should always consult first your personal injury attorney before making a move, especially if you’re planning to report to the insurance companies regarding if a complaint against the individual who caused the injury can be made. Even if you or the victim feels fine, it’s also important to go to a medical service provider to get checked for internal bleeding.

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