Using Enterprise Risk Management to Uncover Risk

Risks generally take many forms across many businesses. There are catastrophic characteristics and there are routine risks that many businesses and organizations encounter. There are risks that are well known and well anticipated while others are generally unknown. Perhaps the only certainty for most businesses in an increasingly competitive business environment is that there is a very fast rate of change in the business landscape. There are numerous factors that are contributing to this fast rate of change. These include new competitive forces, technological forces, the complexity of doing business, regulatory scrutiny for these businesses and even an increased reliance on third parties for various services and processes. Thanks to these complexities confronting businesses, it is important that they invest in enterprise risk management services that will help them in managing risk.

Organizations that invest in enterprise risk management are able to develop risk resilience. They are able to carry out an objective assessment of their risk management capabilities and also evaluate the organizational culture when it comes to risk management. Organizations that implement sustainable enterprise risk management practices generally see greater reward and performance in their business.

Exposing Risks in an Organization

The main challenge that many organizations face is how they can structure their enterprise risk management programs in order to expose the threats that the organization faces and which it has not even considered or identified.

Some of the risks that will pose the most serious threats to many organizations are not even known to the senior management staff that makes key decisions in the company. Clues are always there at the front lines of the organizations, in the low level or mid-level employee base. The risk factors that may not be familiar to those at the top are quite familiar to those who are at the bottom. Employees generally encounter these risks on a day-to-day basis but due to communication failures, these issues are not passed up to the senior management executives.  The risks are not taken up to the appropriate level where some concrete action could be taken.

Developing Risk Leadership

Organizations can use various metrics in order to improve their ability to uncover some of the unknowns in their business processes. These are the metrics that will help the organizations in benchmarking their enterprise risk management strategy.

The first that you should undertake is ensuring that the personnel involved in individual supervisory roles are also involved in your risk management program. A good risk strategy from Bryan Whitefield should involve at least 25-30% of the company staff.

It is also important to have avenues through which employees could voice their concerns. Have a system in place that will regulate how these concerns will be reported and also followed up on. These can include incidence tracking systems and compliance hotlines that companies can use in order to identify and carry our risk assessment.

It is also important that the senior management acts on the employee concerns. When staff members are not seeing concrete action on their concerns and reports, they will not raise those concerns in the future and that weakens the organization’s position. Organizations can develop a risk prioritization process that will ensure proficiency in risk management.

Follow These Tips to Find the Best Child Care Centre for Your Child

When the idea of a childcare centre strikes, you have many options to explore. You could choose a formal child day-care facility, family day care, or an organised in-home care system. However, even with all the available options, how would you know whether you are linking up with a reliable child care centre Alexandria area has to offer?

Child care centre Alexandria

Especially if you have not been in the child care ditches before, here are important tips you could follow to size up the options and choose the best one for your child.

Observe the interaction

When you visit a potential child care centre, observe how the staff relates to the youngsters. For instance, a reliable caregiver should be friendly to young children, playing with them, holding, and hugging them. Young children need that close and warm relationship with adults in order to grow. Fortunately, from a reliable child care centre Alexandria area has to offer, you can find passionate, warm, and responsible first caregivers. While staffing ratio for caregivers to children varies from one state to another, one adult caregiver should manage up to three children of two years and below.

Ask for an assurance

Young children require consistent care to establish a secure connection to their caregivers. Experts suggest that whether you are looking for an in-home caregiver or a reliable child care centre in Alexandria, look for a commitment of at least one year. In a child care centre, you should work with experienced caregivers that have served the institution for a long time.

Do a policy screening

Various child care institutions in Alexandria have different policies so you should find out whether you share the same guiding principles with your preferred centre. Important issues to observe include:

  • TV—find out whether it is on the whole day or whether they use it partially
  • Which snacks or drinks do they provide for older babies
  • When do children sleep
  • How do they deal with sick children

Be your own spy

You may get referrals from previous and existing users of an institution, but it is advisable to drop by unexpectedly to get a glimpse of what happens on the ground. For example, a reliable Alexandria child care centre should be well-suited to meet the needs of a growing young child. Is the environment kept clean? Do they have study books and age-specific toys for the children? Other areas to consider include:

  • Infants and babies should have their own area to play
  • Choking hazards such as toys with removable parts should be kept away from infants and babies
  • The play room with bouncers and swings should look appealing from the first glance

If possible, you should visit the same centre at different times of the day to have an overall view of the routine. With the unexpected visit, you could learn something new about the place, which could impress you or be a revelation. If you would like to find child care centre Alexandria has to offer, try visiting

The Long-Term Effects of Team Building Events to your Company Atmosphere

Los efectos a largo plazo de los eventos de Team Building en su empresa

En el ámbito profesional, las personas necesitan trabajar con un surtido de identidades o personalidades. La prosperidad de un negocio puede depender regularmente de cuán bien su personal puede colaborar sobre negocios y diligencias ordinarias. Team building de construcción de equipos contribuyen mucho a lograr un mejor ambiente de trabajo que afecte positivamente los objetivos de la organización.

Aquí hay un par de razones para que usted pueda empezar a ejecutar los ejercicios de construcción de equipos para sus empleados de negocios:

1. Aumentar la productividad

Permite al personal ver que cada uno tiene diferentes enfoques para resolver un problema. Este conocimiento es entonces transferible al ambiente de oficina, ya que los individuos entienden cómo hacer el mejor uso de los dones y habilidades de cada uno.

2. Mejorar la comunicación

Los ejercicios de formación de equipos pueden ayudar a fomentar mejores habilidades de comunicación en el personal y desarrollar su capacidad para cooperar bien. También permite que los empleados se conozcan en un ambiente informal fuera de la oficina.

3. Mantener a los empleados comprometidos y motivados

Los eventos diseñados para ayudarlos a crecer indican que una empresa está comprometida con sus empleados. Las actividades de formación de equipos también pueden ayudarles a sentirse motivados por su lugar de trabajo en términos de las personas con las que interactúan.