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Thinking of making a career in the field of law? Then becoming a practicing attorney is one of the best law careers that you can opt for. In fact, according to a research conducted in the field of education, the number of students opting for law as a career is slowly surpassing the number of students who opt for medical science or engineering in contemporary times. However, before settling down for a career you need to know that there are almost eighteen fields of attorneys. Thus, you need to conduct a thorough research on the field you would like to take up and then proceed towards studying it. Here are some of the types of attorneys who work relentlessly for their clients and get them justice.


  • Corporate Lawyer: A Bankruptcy Attorney is a special branch of corporate or business lawyer who looks into businesses suffering from high debts. Their most important job is to study the financial aspect of the company and guide them through the situation. At times they deal with litigation as well as insurance claims. Bankruptcy Attorneys have a very demanding job and more and more people nowadays opt for narrowing down their career in this field. Bankruptcy Law Firm is extending its scope and hiring more attorneys. This is another reason why many today opt for this stream.
  • Employment Lawyers: They handle issues which reflect the legal perspectives of working in a company. The fact that an employer is providing proper wages to the employee, they are given proper work conditions, their work is according to the legal appointment letters that they signed etc are issues that an employment lawyer looks into. Breach of any employment clause gives you the right to hire a lawyer to fight your case.
  • Finance Lawyers: are only required in specific cases. For instance, when dealing with money and financial assets like in banks, or stocks and shares, there is an increased role of a financial lawyer.
  • Family Lawyer: The 21st Century is seeing a lot of family planning hindrances, divorces, child custodial battles etc. To help out with these family matters, a family lawyer is hired. They are trained to look into specific legal battles fought in the family. Distribution of properties and financial assets is also an important part of their job. Since, they deal with different families and are known to know family secrets, the clause of confidentiality is sacrosanct for them.
  • Criminal Defence Lawyer:  Come in handy for those accused with serious crimes. Such lawyers have to gain experience by practice and attending numerous criminal courts to see how arguments are posed and how the defence fights them off. This is one of the toughest fields in law but also one which has great scope.
  • Digital Media Lawyer: With the advent of the internet and social networking sites, crimes have also started occurring via the net. Thus, a special branch of lawyers called digital media lawyers only take up cyber crime cases and help their clients to get justice.

Thus, these are some of the most famous fields of law. Each of them has immense scope and can make a good career settling your life in the future. If you would like to know more about attorneys then you can log on to websites like

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